Y-Flyer Fleet # 63

The first Y-Flyer admitted to the club was in 2012, by 2013 we had 3 boats and today we have a fleet of 12.

We were granted our fleet status in 2014 and received our Fleet Charter from the American Y-Flyer Sailing Association shortly thereafter.


Fleet 63 is the third newest Y-Flyer Fleet in the country and sails at the Saratoga Lake Sailing Club. We were followed by the new Fleet 64 near Fort Smith, Arkansas that sails at the Bear Lake Sailing Club and then Fleet 65 at the James Island Yacht Club near Charleston, South Carolina.


Fleet 63 members have new Y-Flyer sailors and two members who have been sailing Y-Flyers since the 70's. 


The fleet consists of fiberglass boats built by Turner, Helms, and Lundquist as well as three home built woodies. We also have woodies that are being upgraded.


In 2014 & 2018 we hosted the Y-Flyer Internationals that drew 14+ boats from as far away as Little Rock and Alberta.  

Because of our proximity to Canada, the fleet has been asked to host the 2022 Y-Flyer International Championships at SLSC.

The fleet has imported 4 more fiberglass Y-Flyers from various sailors in Massachusetts.  The plan is for these boats to be refurbished and when ready they will be sold to future fleet members.

We are always looking for new fleet members and anyone interested can contact one of the fleet officers below for information.  We can get you in a good boat!


To help keep our regatta costs down we have linked to a fund raising group iGive.com. If you shop on line, by linking to this site we are given a small fee. 
There is no additional cost to you, so please check out



Fleet members are:

Marek & Joanna Czajkowski (Y-2565)

Rick Manser & Kathryn Whitenack (Y-2712 & 2627)

Terry & Joanne Fraser (Y-2806 & Y-2679)

Jacob & Julia Greiner (Y-2395)

Greg & Susan Cuda (Y-2144)

Jake & Suzanna Huwe

Pat & Marie King (Y-2584)

Charlotte Osborne (Y-815)

Suzanna Randall (Y-2300)

John & Jacalyn Smith (Y-2707)

Jake Greiner (Y-)

Paul Weinstein (Y-2527)


Fleet Captain: Charlotte Osborne


Fleet Treasurer: Paul Weinstein


Fleet Secretary: Pat King 


Fleet Measurer: Suzanna Randall


Class Website: www.yflyer.org

Blog: yflyer.blogspot.com


Fleet member John Smith is the current Commodore of the Saratoga Lake Sailing Club.


Pat Smith is the current Area Vice President of the American Y-Flyer Sailing Association.


Terry Fraser is editor of "The Flyer," which is the official monthly newsletter of the AYFSA.


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